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Short films to provide context

I'm creating three short animations to help contextualize The Kindness App. The first (being worked on at the minute) is how kindness can help with sleep. I've finished sketched out how Panda (the protagonist) will survive without sleep.
Now to put it all together.

Click on image to open full screen in a new tab.


Story Boarding

Here is a rough youtube draft with VO from yours truly.


Godzilla advert

Here's a cool advert I drew.



I'm going to start modeling lingerie.
No. I'm working on modeling the panda sleep cartoon (see above) as the final animation will be in 3d. For my first short sleep, I will need to model:

  • Panda
  • Bed
  • Thought bubble
  • Grizzly



Next, I'll need to animate it all together. But I feel like this one is going to be the biggest time-sink.
Especially all the sleep deprived states that Panda's getting into


Putting it all together in 4OD

Part-time saint, part-time great friend Joe Mortell is showing me how to use Cinema 4D.
The only thing I know about it is that you can spit out some great looking films out of it.

The app is out please download it!

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